Paloma Wall, Sonia Corina Ruscoe, Dylan Languell & Carl Perez-Gallardo
Organized/conceptualized by Inga Schunn


4ws Space
1240 Crenshaw Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90019


Public reception Sunday 27th, 6 - 8pm
On view through February 15th by appointment

4ws is proud to present ROUNDING THE CORNER, a pairing of works by Sonia Corina Ruscoe, Dylan Languell, and Paloma Wall,, organized and conceptualized by Inga Schunn. The West Coast debut for a group of East Coast bred and based artists, this exhibition involves a private performative dinner prepared by artist and chef Carla Perez-Gallardo on the eve of Sunday January 27th. 

Beyond the friendship that connects these featured artists, all works in the exhibition were born from rebellious practices. Each takes an unconventional approach to their respective medium. How do the compositions of our lives -- the objects, rituals, our actions -- alter our concept of safety, self, communion, and worth? How can we challenge our notions of understanding and come to a balance of spirit, body, and mind? What is worthier of praise than the power of perspective?

Sonia Corina Ruscoe's works project whimsical catharsis albeit often depicting classical ideas found in paintings throughout art history: animal allegories and narratives of femininity. We think about getting to know ourselves through the eyes of others; the effect of investing in collaboration and affirmations surrounding all forms of relation. 

The ashes of the bones belonging to a close family member included in the glaze, Paloma Wall's ceramics explore the alchemy which can transmute loss. Inclusion of organic matter such as moss the work brings the life cycle full circle. We think of our body heat's role in releasing tension, the transferal of energy, the vitrification of clay in intense heat. 

In Dylan Languell’s Derailed, altered currency examines failing histories in a post-capitalistic, socio-political format. Illustrations that were meant to educate the masses are recognized as propaganda, counterstruck with humor. We reminisce on the $10 origami that revealed burning twin towers, a folded dollar bill becoming a collared shirt and tie.  

Finally, Carla Perez-Gallardo's FULLNESS IS THE THING ITSELF: SOMETIMES THE BEST UNDERSTANDING COMES FROM YOUR CHEST AND YOUR STOMACH aims to demonstrate how emotion can be computed and relates to nourishment. We see an oyster gathering detritus, digesting it to form a pearl. 


Sonia Corina Ruscoe is a painter and media artist based in Hudson, NY where they co-run CPR projects, a curatorial resource for art emergencies. 

Carla Perez-Gallardo is an artist-chef based in Hudson, NY. Their work often takes the shape of immersive installation and performative dinners, taking participants on an emotional journey through the act of eating. 

Dylan Languell is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Richmond, VA with a praxis heavily based in sculpture, painting, and performance. Besides their work in sound and form, they are the curator and founder of the film screening platform Direct-To-Video which showcases emerging media and video artists bi-annually

Paloma Wall is an artist based in Nashville, Tennessee working predominantly with ceramic sculptures that focus on isolating parts of the human body, combining them with the natural, somatic symmetry of ancient vessels. Paying homage to the utilitarian nature of ceramics, they often include handles, holes and ergonomic features in their forms. With this they call into attention both the body and how we shape the tools we use. 

Inga Schunn is an artist residing in Los Angeles whose work aims to instigate introspection on the ideas of communion, happenstance, and romance. This is their fourth time organizing a group exhibition.

Robert Wiemann, founder of 4ws Space, is an artist whose sculptures and paintings engage with subjects of humanity, humor, and sexuality. They also like to surf.