Curated, installed, and organized by Inga Schunn, the works in the 2015 exhibition "Ya'll: A Taste" were meant to explore ideas in relation to the evolution of objects and digestion of thought through contemporary digital culture. 

Sculptural works by Reece Cox silently laugh for, at, or with us while glowing, tucked in their linen clothing.

A work once drawn on paper by Leland Jackson then scanned, emailed to and thus painted as mural via Inga's hand means to question the transgression of authorship through the digital realm. 

Performances by artist Elise Drake, followed by an installation of the handmade costumes, address psychological isolation incurred from screen culture and the search for connection.  


What's stored inside the triggered laughs and glass

the electric glow? 

Don't you know?

 It comes and it goes,

the while our bodies cold. 

Movements in mind don't take time they take toll. 

But some freedoms stay free, yo ho!